Drown In Mirrors

An AFI Thesis Film


DROWN IN MIRRORS is a stylish psychosexual thriller exploring identity, art, inspiration and obsession.

The film follows Rachel, a once famous sculptor, looking to make a comeback in the Art World. Prior to her show, Rachel hits a creative road block crippling her from coming up with new work. This prompts Rachel to search for inspiration in unconventional places.

Rachel forms a bond with a young, wild, independent exotic dancer, Virginia, who becomes the obsession of Rachel’s eye. Virginia agrees to model for Rachel, but as their relationship grows more intense, Virginia begins to realize that Rachel wants more than someone to pose for her.

Director's Plan

There’s a dark side of women that’s not usually portrayed in films. Female characters are typically delicate, sweet, and loving. But what happens when the dark side of our souls takes over? What lights that fire? These are questions I’ve often asked myself and the main themes I want to examine as a filmmaker.

In Drown in Mirrors, the main character, Rachel, is taken by a sense of possession when she meets Virginia and cannot allow her to get away, even if it means risking everything. In delving into the darkest depths of these characters, my hope is to explore such taboo themes about femininity and female sexuality, and ultimately shed light into what it’s like when we surrender to the darkness.